Connecting Windows Mobile devices to Windows Vista with OneCare Firewall

If you want to connect your Windows Mobile device to Windows Vista’s new version of ActiveSync you will need to download the Windows Mobile Device Center. However if you have Microsoft OneCare or another firewall program installed it still will not connect. Here is how to get it to work:-
  1. Open the OneCare settings and change the Firewall level to "Ask First".
  2. Turn off the "Automatically change my Firewall protection level…" option.
  3. Change Advanced Settings and add the following ports (at least subnet scope) to the allowed list
    1. TCP 26675 Inbound
    2. TCP 5678 Inbound
    3. TCP 5721 Inbound
    4. TCP 990 Inbound
    5. TCP 999 Inbound
    6. UDP 5679 Outbound
  4. Connect the device, respond to dialogs to allow access/programs.

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