Minimum Requirements To Develop With Oracle On X64

If you are a Windows developer who needs to develop with a full local Oracle database with X64, just download the Oracle Database (not client) package v11g for X64.
The problem is 10g Express, although nicer for a smaller memory and CPU footprint, has no X64 build and does not include the full range of Oracle features. The Database 11g download also includes SQL Developer and the client components needed for .NET and other languages (you don’t need to download the separate client package which is strangely enough almost the same size as the server!).
To get it working you just need to edit the sqldeveloper.bat in the start menu Oracle – OraDb11g_home1 – Application Development path, because Oracle broke the icon on X64 (works fine on X86 build and has a proper Icon not a batch file – looks like a hack to get it working on X64 to me!). Edit the file and complete the path to the java command by prefixing it with "..\..\..\jdk\bin\", you may also wish to increase the memory heap limit by changing the first -Xmx option to -Xmx1500M (X64 machines normally have lots of RAM, and perhaps you may use large SQL scripts as a convenient way to import test data for your unit tests), e.g. the start of the command could read…
..\..\..\jdk\bin\java  -Xmx1500M etc…
Other curious observations are that if you download the SQL Developer package separately and run on X64 it will throw Vista into basic graphics mode, which besides being annoying corrupts the display when you use the scroll bars, making it useless for running and checking the results of queries; the basic functionality. So just install Database 11g and use the built-in SQL Developer (with above patch) then you should be ready to go!

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