How To Download CoPilot Map Updates Direct To SD Card

CoPilot Live is great, but downloading the 2GB+ maps to Windows Mobile via the normal ActiveSync connection (even with Windows Mobile 6.5 enhanced networking enabled) can take an entire day (if it is not interrupted by your PC, mobile or connection)! The CoPilot Central GUI suggests you should download large maps directly to the SD, but does not provide instructions how to do this, and hides the update files.

Here is how to do it:-

  1. Connect your mobile and use CoPilot Central to detect and download all available map updates to your PC.
  2. Close CoPilot then disconnect your mobile.
  3. Take the SD card out of the mobile and insert into the PC’s card reader. You may need an adaptor for mini-SD cards.
  4. In the Windows Start menu search field or Windows Explorer address field, type the following path: %AppData%\ALK Technologies\CoPilot Central 2.0\CentralData\Maps
  5. Right-click each map you want to copy (e.g. “EU”) then select “Copy” (to clipboard).
  6. Use Windows Explorer to open your SD card (e.g. My Computer  -> SD Card).
  7. Right-click the “copilot” subdirectory then “Paste” (from clipboard) your selected map folder to the SD card.
  8. It should take about 20 minutes to copy (instead of 1 day!), depending on the quality of your SD card and card reader. Most SD cards have very good read speeds but typically only expensive SD cards have fast write speeds.

Note: you could delete the map file from the PC to save space once it has downloaded successfully (they are over 2GB). But consider that it is also a backup.

Hopefully ALK will make this easier in the future. I would suggest a link to the local data folder from the ALK GUI, or a wizard to help you copy the files. Also Microsoft should provide a better connection speed. It is surprising that the USB 2.0 connection to Windows Mobile is not able to perform like a USB 2.0 card reader. One would imagine it would be at least as fast as the SD card itself. Unless there is a hardware limitation in all Windows Mobile devices, the problem could be with the Microsoft driver on the Windows and/or Mobile side. I hope they sort that out too.

One thought on “How To Download CoPilot Map Updates Direct To SD Card”

  1. This advice helped tremendously to copy my downloaded map to my mobile device after days of frustration trying to do it with activesync – Thanks a million. 🙂

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