Samsung “HD Ready” TV 1360×768 Custom Resolution With Intel Graphics Chip

The Intel graphics driver does not detect the native resolution of 1360×768 on many of the earlier “HD Ready” Samsung TVs, should you connect your laptop or PC via the VGA cable. But this resolution is possible to configure giving a very clear pixel per pixel display, even via the analog VGA cable. Strangely the HDMI connector will not give 768p resolution, only 720p max, so the VGA cable is your better option for these TVs to get the maximum resolution without any black bars or doubled lines due to scaling.

To get the resolution do the following:

  1. Download the DTD Calculator from Clever Technologies here. This will allow you to enter a custom resolution and save it into the Intel driver’s registry entries via the “registry hack” feature.
  2. Run the tool, make sure to “Run As Administrator” on Visa and Windows 7 with UAC turned on (that’s the default in case you don’t know what it is or if you turned it off).
  3. Below are the “modeline” (also known as “EDID” display ID) settings for the Samsung HD Ready TVs. This is what you enter into the DTD Calculator program along the left side top-to-bottom.
    • Pixel Clock (MHz) 85.5
    • H Active Pixels: 1360
    • H Start of Sync Pulse: 1424
    • H End of Sync Pulse: 1536
    • H End of Blanking Interval: 1792
    • V Active Pixels: 768
    • V Start of Sync Pulse: 771
    • V End of Sync Pulse: 777
    • V End of Blanking Interval: 795
    • Interlaced: No (Clear Checkbox)
    • Sync Profile: +Hsync +Vsync
  4. Click on the “Registry Hack” tab then “More” to add a line. On the new line click Get Calculated to transfer the settings on the left to hexadecimal on the registry line.
  5. Click “Writer DTDs to Registry” to save the changes then reboot when prompted.
  6. After starting either the new native resolution will already be selected or you can go to the display properties and set the new 1360×768 resolution which has now been set at the correct maximum for your monitor in Windows.

To find modelines for other displays, go to places like the MythTV “Modeline Database” Wiki. Alternatively you use tools to read the EDID (VGA plug-and-play display information standard) directly from your monitor, such as the free version of the Monitor Asset Manager (also known as MonInfo) program from EnTech Taiwan.

2 thoughts on “Samsung “HD Ready” TV 1360×768 Custom Resolution With Intel Graphics Chip”

    1. Do you see a red message “Intel Graphics Registry Key Not Found”? This tool is only for Intel cards. Drivers for other cards have their own custom resolution settings, normally directly within their display properties tool.

      If you do have an Intel adapter. Then may be these registry overrides were only used in older Intel graphics adapters, e.g. “GMA”. But then I would except their new adapter drivers to have their own custom settings option.

      I played around with a motherboard last year which had an Intel Core I7 HD4000 processor embedded graphics adapter. I was able to set overscan directly in the Intel driver settings. So maybe it is no longer necessary or the DTD Calculator needs an update to support the new drivers. I’d recommend contacting them about it with your specific hardware details if you can’t get what you need in the current Intel driver settings.

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