Download Microsoft Uninstall Utility (MSICUU Replacement)

The MSICUU (MSI / Windows Installer Clean-Up Utility) and MSICUU2 (version 2) have been replaced by a new Microsoft Fix-It “Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter” available for direct download here:

This is hard to find because searches for MSICUU will lead you off to several commercial replacement tools, and the Microsoft links are hidden behind several warning screens and complicated download processes.

It’s still not a stand-alone tool as before, you have to go through a long winded wizard before you can choose what to uninstall. But it’s free and doesn’t have any other junk hidden inside it like the other tools.

3 thoughts on “Download Microsoft Uninstall Utility (MSICUU Replacement)”

  1. to like the product it has to work first, the program crashes when loading, probably due to dependencies when .net 1.1 and 3.5 fail to allow updates,submitted Crash reports (5+).

    1. The current version (the wizard not the original stand alone program) works on all the latest versions of Windows in my experience, from Vista to Windows 8.

      If you’re running XP maybe you need to have the original version which is no longer available for download (actually I would prefer that too, it was much better than the wizard). But I’d guess this works on Windows XP as there is no other link provided by Microsoft and this is their new general “fix it” solution for all customers.

      It sounds more like a problem specific to your machine. I know there’s nothing in .NET which prevents updates of stand alone applications. The framework itself is distributed via Windows Update normally. Maybe you should go to the original download page of the tool rather than the direct link I have and double-check the requirements, install all Windows updates including most optional updates.

      If you still have no luck then you probably need to reinstall your PC to get the unwanted software off it. Actually it’s a good time to take advantage of the incredibly cheap Windows 8 upgrade offer. It’s only available for a couple more weeks, until the end of January. Just 30 euros for the professional edition which normally costs 100s!

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